What would happen if, for 30 days, you took time every morning to praise God for who He is, and finished the day by praising God for what He had done? God deserves it; you need it; why not join a movement of people who are starting the new decade with a commitment to a month of praise? For those who join, you'll receive helpful resources to assist you like scripture and a few comments to focus on in the morning, songs based upon the psalms to listen to throughout the month, and podcasted messages to encourage you in your journey. Join today.

 There was a "Broken Hallelujah" worship night at Green Valley Church to finish off the month. Check out the set list and a blog post about it over at:


2 Responses to "New Blog Post about Last Night"

  1. gravatar Nick Lamb Says:

    Last night was such a blessing!! It was my first time @ BH!! I want to put photos on the blog. To post comments but it looks like it is blocked.

  2. gravatar Laura Says:

    As my friend David L. posted on facebook: Sunday night was off-the-hook!
    What an expectancy and participation from God's people - I think it was the best BH we have had.

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